In order to effectively assess a prospective student for placement in a program of Lakeside in a timely manner, the following information is needed when making a referral.

All Students

Special Education Students

If Applicable, the following information pertaining to all students is also beneficial.

Referrals may be directed to: referral@lakesideprograms.org

When making a referral, if you have a specific school of Lakeside you want considered, please indicate which school(s). Should you have no preference and want Lakeside to recommend which of its schools can best meet a prospective student’s needs, you may indicate that as well.

Inquiries may be directed to:

Jeri Johnson, Director of Student Enrollment
Phone: 215-499-7032
Email: jerij@lakesideprograms.org

Program Contacts

Lakeside School

Meredith Klinger, Enrollment Counselor
Phone: 215-542-7737, ext. 2112
Email: meredithk@lakesideprograms.org

Lakeside Girls Academy

Patti Farraday, Program Director
Phone: 215-654-9207, ext. 3713
Email: pattif@lakesideprograms.org

Souderton Vantage Academy

Lorraine Sulik, Program Director
Phone: 215-721-7861, ext. 5102
Email: lorraines@lakesideprograms.org

Upper Merion Vantage Academy

Dan Stedjan, Assistant Program Director
Phone: 484-674-3334 ext. 4117
Email: daniels@lakesideprograms.org

Mobile Support

Kristen Veacock, Program Director
Phone: 215-825-4523
Email: kristenv@lakesideprograms.org