Counseling and academic support services are offered on a mobile basis allowing students to be served in their home, school or community. Customized individual services are provided to students as a strategy for placement prevention, intervention, or aftercare support.

To learn more about Lakeside’s Mobile Support Program, please contact Kristen Veacock at 267-825-4523.

Services and Features

Specific aspects of Lakeside’s counseling and academic support services are available as needed. Based on students’ unique needs, any of the following can be provided on an hourly basis.


  • One to one instruction
  • Wide variety of subjects taught by certified teachers to match students’ specific needs
  • Credit recovery options including course remediation and required credits
  • Special education support and services
  • Individualized academic planning and advisement
  • General Educational Development (GED) test preparation


  • A credentialed counselor assigned to each student
  • Individual counseling
  • Counselors who facilitate regular communication between home and school, and assist students in setting and achieving goals
  • Individualized treatment planning

Emphasis may be placed on: