5 labs laying in the grass

Lakeside’s schools have added these special four-legged teachers that engage the student unconditionally and without words, creating a partnership that strengthens the student’s determination to persevere.

Having a dog constantly available allows teachers and staff members to better meet students’ needs, keep them safe, and ease difficult situations. Research has shown that a facility dog can help students improve academic skills, deal with stress, remain calm, overcome depression, and increase social skills. With the assistance of a facility dog, students learn empathy, sharing, and patience. It is expected that a dog will help increase attendance and academic productivity, lighten the atmosphere, and boost morale.

Nurturing Positive Change

Nurturing Positive Change is a three part video series created for conferences to communicate how the dogs are able to help our students regulate their emotions, impulses, and behaviors, relate to others, and access the highest parts of their brains to learn and reason.

Part 1: Regulation

Part 2: Relationship

Part 3: Reasoning